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    What Every Motorist in Texas Needs to Know

    So you have just transferred to Texas and you would like to get everything in order so that you can finally drive a car. First, you have to understand that driving laws in the US have been delegated to each of the states, including insurance. Residents must therefore tailor their plans according to the guidelines in their locality in order to get the best Texas car insurance quotes. Texas is very strict about the mandatory insurance. Drivers caught without their papers can face hefty fines and license suspension. Act responsibly and obtain even the minimum requirements so as to avoid these unnecessary troubles. Basic insurance calls for liability coverage. Some states expand this to include:

    Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

    In an ideal scenario, accident victims can readily get financial support from the liability coverage of the guilty party. It would simply be a matter of filing a claim then costly repairs and hospital bills would be paid. But what if the person who caused the accident is uninsured? The case might end up in court but the resolution could take a while. In the meantime, the victim will have a tough time pooling funds to pay for his expenses. This scenario can be prevented if the victim has UM/UIM coverage as this would have immediately kicked into action. In Texas, inclusion of this policy remains optional.

     No-Fault and PIP in Texas

    Let’s say that two cars collide but it remains unclear who cause the collision due to the complexity of the circumstances. It will then be difficult to get compensation for property damage because no one is legally liable. What are the owners to do? Well, if they go Personal Injury Protection coverage, then they can call on that to bail them out of the situation. If not, they may have to pay for the repairs from their own savings. The states which recognize the possibility of a “no-fault” situation have made PIP part of the minimum requirements. However, Texas is not among them so PIP remains optional there.

    Hands-Free Laws in Texas

    We carry our mobile phones will us 24/7. Virtually everyone has them from little kids to corporate executives. Their use is so pervasive that we sometimes go overboard, calling and texting in compromising situations like when driving a car to work to sending the kids to school. The result of this carelessness has been innumerable deaths and accidents. In the interest of public safety, states have passed limitations on phone use while driving. For Texas, the law states the following:


    Hand-held ban Applicable to drivers in school zones
    Young drivers all cellphone ban Applicable to drivers below 18
    Bus drivers all cellphone ban Applicable when there is at least one passenger below 18
    Texting ban Only to specific groups/instances, such as bus drivers with passengers below 18, drivers below 18, and drivers crossing school zones
    Enforcement primary

    Nobody said that insurance laws are simple but it is possible to navigate through them with ease if you study the basics and arm yourself with the proper tools. Get Texas car insurance quotes from your area quickly by using our search tool at Texascarinsurancerates.net. By having all these information at your fingertips, you will be able to compare offerings and discover the least costly.

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